Provision of Specialist Assessors

Working with schools and SENCOs to support the assessment process in preparation for Exam Access Arrangements

Applications for Exam Access Arrangements both for GCSE and GCE has now become a core and time consuming part of a SENCOs role.  Part of this role involves up to date, timely evaluation of students who may require standardised assessments in order to apply for appropriate EAAs, e.g. extra time, readers and in extreme circumstances a scribe.   This often coincides with the busiest time in the academic diary for a SENCO.

In addition, by 2016 the SENCO must have the assessment expertise and qualifications that are now required as part of the JCQ Guide for Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments.   These are either 

  • A current SpLD Assessment Practicing Certificate
  • A Post Graduate Qualification in individual specialist assessment at or equivalent to Level 7


Brainwaves Education Ltd can provide 2 specialist assessors with current SpLD Practicing Certificates to work with schools and colleges.   Our service aims to

  • Establish a working relationship with your school to support the SENCO
  • A pre assessment visit to establish the nature of each student’s persistent and significant difficulties, painting the picture of need in order to plan an appropriate assessment programme.
  • Support and guidance for new SENCos in completing Part of A of Form 8.
  • Provision of all necessary assessment tools and report forms.
  • Completion of Part C of JCQ Form 8

Fees are dependent on student numbers requiring assessment.

Fees are £750 per specialist assessor per day. Addition costs include travel and price of record forms used (at cost price).

Pre assessment on site visits are charged at £500 per day or £450 per half day will but once relationships have been established can take place via phone calls and or Skype free of charge.  A pre assessment on site visit is not required for schools where relationships have already been established.  

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