Below is a short list of some of the most useful apps that are available to support organisational and revision skills. New apps are continually being developed and those given below are only intended as a starting point.

Inspiration Maps

Free mind mapping package which converts a mind map into a bullet point linear plan.


Paid for, a dyslexia friendly app for word processing. This is a good all round app which students prefer to as ‘Pages’. It is very easy to use and students can insert diagrams drawn by hand alongside text.

Dragon Dictate

Free, speech to text app.

Speak it

Paid for, an integrated iPad voice activated tool which can be used in word programmes and when researching information using Google etc. A text to speech app that reads aloud to the student anything on the iPad, from notes they have found using a search, to hearing their own work read aloud. The cursor moves along indicating the word that is being read.

Dexteria - Fine Motor Skill Development

Paid for, good app for motor skills and tracing letters so they can be written correctly.

Dyslexia Quest

Paid for, an excellent dyslexia app which allows memory and learning skills practise through visual and auditory games.

‘CGP’ Test & Learn apps for GCSE Science

Revision apps for iPod Touch, iPhone & iPad.

Each app includes:

  • Hundreds of multiple- choice questions including explanations of each answer
  • Course-specific coverage – AQA, Edexcel, OCR Gateway & OCR 21st Century
  • Three game types – Best of 10, Sudden Fail &Time Trial
  • Over 300 Q&A cards to test knowledge
  • Progress tracking for each topic
  • Achievement Awards — – ‘Revision Guide’ page references


Free, app to help with learning a language, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and English.


Free, allows the creation of flashcard for use on mobile devices


Paid, choice of 4 Apps, each one focuses on one aspect of the ‘Clicker 6’ programme, suited to learners across the primary age range.

  • Books – Help children create their own talking books
  • Docs – Transforms the iPad into a portable primary
word processor
  • Sentences – Create differentiated sentence building activities
  • Connect – Connect words and phrases to build sentences and compose coherent text


Free, turns the iPad into an interactive recordable whiteboard. Can be used to create video tutorial with commentary


Free app, students can listen to their GCSE novel, highlight, add notes and search for key quotes with ease.


Paid for, Maths apps, for the iPod and iPad for consolidation of addition and subtraction knowledge, times tables knowledge and division knowledge.

Note: Link is to bundle. Apps can be bought separately.

Achieve Level 4 Mathematics

Paid for. Skills Builder maths app. Useful app providing an opportunity for additional practice at home. Interactive questions, areas covered within level 4 maths include number and algebra, shape, space and measures, handling data, using and applying mathematics.

MathsWatch GCSE Grade C

Paid for, short DVD clips, separate downloads for GCSE Grade C, B and A for iPod and iPad.

Mystery Maths Town

Paid for, fun game at several levels to practise the four basic mathematical skills.

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